About Sriida

India's magnificent history has affected every aspect of Indian lifestyle. History of Indian jewellery goes back to nearly 5,000 years.

Rich or poor, jewellery has remained an central part of the Indian lifestyle.

Indian jewellery is varied in styles and designs

  • the subtle latticework work in silver is unique to Orissa and Andhra Pradesh;
  • the Meenakari is popular in Rajasthan;
  • the temple jewellery of Nagercoil is famous in South;
  • the Kundan jewellery of Delhi is well-known in North.

Sriida presents an unique blend of hand crafted flairs, which are original, simple yet rich and attractive compositions of our creative designer, Sridevi.

Besides our off-the-shelf offerings, you name the occasion – party, wedding, tête-à-tête, date or simply something different to wear for work or college, we will help you accentuate your mood and style statement.